A blog + a feed + a reader = a more efficient you

Pop quiz time. Do you read several blogs each day? If yes, do you navigate to each one separately? If yes, would you like to save time by subscribing to each one and reading it in a feed reader?

If you are not sure what a feed reader is, this article is for you. I use a feed reader, and I foolishly assumed most blog readers do, too. But recently I read a couple of books. One was Professional Blogging for Dummies. The other was Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works. Both of these books mentioned statistics about the number of people who use feed readers (or RSS readers, as they are also called). The percentage was very low – 15 or 20%. The number shocked me a bit, because feed readers save a lot of time for people who like to read blogs.

Read the complete post at BlogHer to learn how to use the Google Reader and subscribe to blog feeds.

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