Accessible HTML for Knowbility

I’m doing a training session for Knowbility today. It’s a session on accessible HTML, training some trainers who work on various state of Texas sites. The people I’ll work with will be the ones who scatter through state agencies and make sure the people they train know how to write accessible HTML.

I can’t release the training materials because Knowbility is reserving them for the people attending the training. The aspects of HTML that I’ll talk about include headings, links, alt text, data tables, and forms.

I won’t have time to talk about video captioning, but I wanted to provide a reference for the trainers so they’d know where to look for information. Knowbility usually trains users in MAGpie for this. I wondered if YouTube did a decent job. I hadn’t seen anyone mention whether YouTube does a good job making video accessible with their new captioning service, so I asked Knowbility director Sharron Rush about YouTube’s service. She said that the service works great if you provide a transcript. It isn’t reliable if you depend on voice recognition.

I’ve been a supporter of Knowbility and what they do for a long time. This is the first time I’ve worked with them. I’m delighted to be officially associated with this wonderful organization, even in this small way.

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