Useful Links: Transcripts, HTML5, IE/Google, Harley, Mighty Meeting

Transcripts on the Web: Getting people to your podcasts and videos at uiAccess provides valuable resources for creating transcripts of audio and video.

My (current) opinions on HTML5 from Dori Smith is a reflection on the writhing mass of eels known as HTML5 and what has happened in that arena in the last few days. Dori has some ideas about what the lack of accord among the people working in this area may mean in future real world terms.

Microsoft admits Explorer used in Google China hack from the BBC explains what Internet Explorer 6 had to do with the recent attack on Google from Chinese hackers, and what Microsoft is doing to help fix it.

Harley unveils “Pink Label” line of merchandise makes me think maybe Harley wasn’t watching when Dell tried to come out with a line of “girly” computers.

Mighty Meeting Lets You Conduct PowerPoint Presentations from your SmartPhone. Remember, oh a couple of years back, when conferences were a sea of laptops and the speaker needed a big projector and a couple of people on hand to make sure all the computers worked with the projector? All gone.

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