Where do you share your photos?

Carrie on Santorini

I share my photos at Flickr. I like Flickr because it is easy to use, I have unlimited space for a low yearly fee, and linking to the photos is simple. Flickr has great features for sharing, editing, promoting, copyrighting, and doing things with your photos like making them into various printed items.

Thousands of other people do the same. Flickr is huge. But is it huge because it’s the best? Is there a better photo sharing site out there that I should check out? What do you think?

One thought on “Where do you share your photos?”

  1. I use Google’s Picasa. Here are a few benefits as I see them:
    1. Easy photo manipulation. For example, they have the best red-eye correction I have seen in any software. They also include other common photo enhancements such as cropping and color enhancement.
    2. Easy integration with your Google email account.
    That’s enough to hook me.

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