Where do you share your photos?

Carrie on Santorini

I share my photos at Flickr. I like Flickr because it is easy to use, I have unlimited space for a low yearly fee, and linking to the photos is simple. Flickr has great features for sharing, editing, promoting, copyrighting, and doing things with your photos like making them into various printed items.

Thousands of other people do the same. Flickr is huge. But is it huge because it’s the best? Is there a better photo sharing site out there that I should check out? What do you think?

A Camera for the Social Media User

Way back in February 2007, I was talking about What I want my camera to do. Specifically, I wanted it to email photos. After a while a wifi card came along that could make your camera do your Internet bidding, but now a Japanese company has created a camera that will upload photos to a number of social media sites, including Flickr. Read about it in Tech Crunch’s Live From Tokyo: Cerevo Debuts Digital Camera That Automatically Uploads Pictures To Multiple Social Media Sites.

According to Tech Crunch, the camera will automatically upload to a site called CerevoLife that is meant to work with the camera. To upload to other sites, a modem must be plugged into the USB port. So it isn’t perfect, but it’s getting closer.