Useful links: online learning, browser basics, the personal blog

Usability Issues that Impact Online Learning from Faculty Focus doesn’t mention specific tools that meet some of the standards suggested for good usability in online learning, but it does tell you some things to strive for:

Good usability for online learning materials means the site, content, and media are easy to find, use, and navigate. And good usability for people means the interaction tools (such as email and discussion forums) are easy to use and facilitate getting input or help as needed.

It would be nice to see an exploration of the usability of the major online learning systems common to colleges. Has anybody done something like that already?

A Google video that will soon be added to the resources deemed worthy of being included in the InterAct Curriculum is Google Explains What a Browser Is. Excellent explanation of basics for the newbie.

I think it says a lot about the economy, the culture, the Internet, and the power of personal blogging when Dooce can raise money for charity online by selling photos of The Former Congressman Charles. What was it my English teacher used to say? The personal is universal . . .

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