Me, me, me

A months-old interview I did with Michael Williams from The Erickson Tribune finally got published with the title It’s Never Too Late to Learn. (I started learning very early in life, I really did.)

Interesting how you can talk on the phone to someone about 85 things for an hour and a half and end up with an article like this. Also fascinating is the reaction you get from someone when you are a voice on the phone rather than when you are people meeting face to face.

Even more interesting is what happens when you only know people from their words: their books, poems, blogs, tweets. Just the words. I find that if I like the words, I don’t care about the physical person in the same way that I would if I just met someone for the first time and didn’t know their words. That’s one of the things that attracted me to the Internet early on. I could be only words. There’s a wonderful liberation in simply being your ideas and not your physical self. Of course, my real self is known by many now and I no longer have the intellectual luxury of being known only for my words. I think I miss it.

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