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Effective Practices for Description of Science Content within Digital Talking Books from the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) provides accessibility description best practices for all sorts of charts, diagrams, tables,  illustrations and equations that are used in science writing. Many times, the recommendation is to convert a chart or diagram into an accessible table, but other methods of describing information are also suggested.

This website provides both general guidelines that should be followed when describing STEM images and many examples of how the guidelines can be implemented. The guidelines are the result of a seminal 4-year effort encompassing multiple surveys with describers and with students and scientists with vision loss to research preferred practices for description of visual information in textbooks and journals.

In the stupid is as stupid does department, we have a 19 year old jewel thief in Pennsylvania who updated his Facebook page while stealing two diamond rings from a neighbor and left his Facebook page open on the neighbor’s computer. And you thought you were having a problem explaining to your students why they shouldn’t post those drunk shots from a kegger on their Facebook page.

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