Useful links: CSS chart, Safari 4, Great Old Broads

Experimental CSS compatibility table from westciv is  worthy of a bookmark.

This page currently lists compatibility for more recently added features of CSS in contemporary browsers.

What’s new in Safari 4 on the Apple site describes features of the newest Safari browser. Check out the developer tools, which are automatically included and need only be turned on in the Preferences. It requires OS 10.5.7 to install. I turned down the update to 10.5.7 based on Zeldman’s posts about it, so will have to wait until Apple fixes the issues in 10.5.7 on MacBooks before trying Safari 4 myself.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness. OK. So this has nothing to do with web design or web development and I’m spamming you with an off-topic link. But I love what these women are doing. Plus, they support, which I’ve talked about here before, so that sort of creates a logical tie-in to justify the link.

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