What’s on your packing list?

packing the computer

I discovered something fascinating about people. They love to tell you what tech gadgets they consider essential to haul along when traveling. Especially when going to a convention.

I got interested in this because I recently decided to quit taking my computer to every panel and session I attend at a convention and make it work with just the iPhone (for Twitter) and a small notebook and pen. I also like to carry a good camera. But I think I’ll leave the laptop waiting in the room for when I have time in the evenings to develop something longer than a tweet.

This also means packing some cables, batteries, and chargers.

What’s your number one must have item? What else do you have on your packing list when you go to a conference or just leave your house for a few days with the intention of staying connected while you’re gone?

One thought on “What’s on your packing list?”

  1. Hi Virginia,
    Now that I know how to actually use my iPhone (like the two-finger scroll to get inside frames) I don’t think I’ll be bringing my laptop on my next trip. On the hardware front for the iPhone, I have a six foot long USB extender cable so I can reach the electrical outlet from the bed of whatever hotel room I’m in and an external battery pack for when I’m outdoors.

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