BlogHer 09

I'll Be Geeking Out

One of the very best things that happened at BlogHer last year was when a bunch of bloggers stood up and read individual blog posts as a group keynote. The readings ranged from funny to thoughtful to heart rending. It was such a great idea,  they will be doing it again. The people sharing this year are announced here. Go see who some great writers in the female blogosphere are.

Another thing last year that was very popular was a day-long unconference and geek lab. It happened the day after the main conference last year, so attendance was small. But it was a huge hit.  This year it is ongoing during the conference. A group of geeks will be in the “geek lab” all the time to do 30 minute one-on-one help sessions with bloggers. There will be more organized 30 minute presentations to small groups on geeky topics throughout the day, too.

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