Useful Links: Online Lectures, CSS3 modules, the canvas element, menu possibilities, Boagworld

Be a better teacher, look at some proposed CSS3 modules, see some use cases for the canvas element, menu system tests, and an interview with Aarron Walter. More. . .

100 Free Online Lectures that will make you a better teacher is from Best Universities, which is amassing some intresting link resources such as this one on its blog.

Four new W3C modules for CSS3 are in the proposal stage and would support the canvas element. Links to each module are availble here, at

Speaking of the canvas element, Laura Carlson put together some Use Case examples on the ESW Wiki. If you have a browser other than Internet Explorer, you can take a look at some of the possible uses of the canvas element.

Project Seven is testing a new menu system which is very exciting in terms of the design possibilities it may open up.

Boagworld interviewed Aarron Walter this week. Paul gave Aarron a chance to talk about how the WaSP InterAct came into being, where it’s going next and what it means.

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