Useful Links: Playing for Change, 300+ WordPress tools, Text Zoom

Links to Playing for Change, a worldwide music project, 300+ WordPress tools. Accessibility tips. More…

Playing for Change is a worldwide multimedia music project, bringing musicians from all over the world together by digital magic to create wonderful  music for a web site, a YouTube site, an album, and iTunes videos. The program brings supplies, facilities and education to musicians around the world. I realize it has nothing to do with teaching or learning web design, but it’s clearly a project that could not have been achieved before the advances in technology that support it.

WordPress God: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog. Who could resist a list like this? Only someone using Blogger or Typepad would pass up this gem.

Check your design with text size increased to 200 percent from 456 Berea St is good advice  to teach all students as a standard part of their routine checks of every page they design.

3 thoughts on “Useful Links: Playing for Change, 300+ WordPress tools, Text Zoom”

  1. Right, only someone using Movable Type.

    Actually, I went through that list with a fine-toothed comb and a lot of the tools listed were years old, not updated, or not even available. Maybe even people with WordPress should resist it!

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