Useful Links: Drive Me Crazy, Community Building, Mobile Design, Best Job

Links to top notch articles about what not to do on the web, how to build community, designing for mobiles, and finding the best job in the world.
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Drive me Crazy: The Web 15 from Reviewer X is spot on with things that drive user’s crazy. High school kids recognize what’s wrong with the web. Jakob’s been nagging us for years. Why don’t web sites reflect these things? Oh, hell, don’t even answer, I know the stinkin’ answer.

I Can Haz Community? at Think Vitamin is from the I Can Haz Cheeseburger site that has developed such a community and huge following. Tips for building a community around your site.

Mobile Web Design Trends for 2009 at Smashing Magazine is a good guide to designing for mobiles. It says a lot of the same things as my article Make Your Site Mobile Friendly at Think Vitamin, but this new piece at Smashing Magazine contains new ideas and many very helpful screen captures of mobile sites.

Best Job in the World has gone viral. I’m fascinated by this story and will be writing about it in more detail later in the week on BlogHer. It’s interesting because it’s a blogging job, and because of the way it’s gone viral. What is it about this story that captured the imagination and made it the latest viral phenom?

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