Hello, new world. Hell froze over.

If you read the blog rather than an RSS feed, you’ll notice that I FINALLY changed the theme. I’ve used Very Plain Text for 11 years. It served me very well and I send many thanks to Scott for the serviceable and timeless theme.

You probably recognize the new theme as the standard twentyeleven. I haven’t customized it much yet. I went with the idea of a child theme for customization. I spent some time getting things I wanted into the sidebar. (Gotta get that BlogHer Publishing Network stuff in there first thing. You know how that works.)

I hope you find it readable. I’m not sure that I like having an image at the top of the page – I may get rid of that, but in the meantime may I suggest the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta as one of the most fun things you’d ever do in your life.

Thanks for looking. Feedback is welcome.