The thing to do at Web Directions North

The popular conference Web Directions North will be running a full day workshop called Ed Directions North: Education the Next Generation of  Web Professionals. Here’s a quick description of it:

Ed Directions, a highly focused, in depth whole day symposium will  help teachers, trainers, course and curriculum developers, and others  in the education field keep abreast with the latest developments in standards and best practice, and to develop and deliver the best  possible curricula and courses.

Other presentation will be given on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Accessibility  best practices by industry leaders including Dan Cedarholm, Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer, Dave Shea, and Derek Feathrestone. Each  presentation will be followed by information about how to fold these concepts into the classroom.

When: Feb 2-7
Where: Denver Co, USA
Info: Ed Directions North – Educating the next generation of web professionals is on Feb 3.