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Distance Education Access Guidelines. “The California Community College System is committed to providing equal access to education for students with disabilities. The following guidelines represent the latest opinions and advice for delivering accessible distance educational services.”

Must reading for any web educator: w3Fools – A w3Schools Intervention. Here are the reputable resources recommended instead of W3Schools:

I’m sorry that the WaSP InterACT Curriculum wasn’t included in the list of reputable resources. I think it belongs there.

scene from the social network The Social Network took home awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score and Best Screenplay from the Golden Globes Awards last night.

Maybe I’m a traitor to technology and the intersection of technology and society, but I was hoping one of the films about women – The Kids are All Right or Black Swan – would win Best Picture. Since the Golden Globes are a fair predictor of the Oscars, a movie about social media may become the Oscar winning movie of the year.

Were you/are you rooting for The Social Network? Should it take home the Oscar for Best Picture, too?