Moving your Posterous blog to

If you have a Posterous blog you are probably concerned about losing your content now that Posterous is closing down. Posterous has systems in place that will allow you to back up your content or export it to another blog.

posterous backup button

You can move it all to a blog in a few easy steps.

  1. Choose the “Backup” button at the upper right of your Posterous admin screen.
  2. Again, choose “Request Backup” for any or all Posterous sites you wish to save.
  3. When the file is ready, the Request Backup button will turn green and change to read “Download.”
  4. When you download and open the zip file, you’ll see that one of the files included is wordpress_export_1.xml
  5. If you have a account, head for your Dashboard to set up a new blog for your import. If you do not, go to and set up an account.
  6. In the WordPress Dashboard for the blog you plan to import into, find Tools > Import > Posterous.
  7. You’ll see a file upload form. Browse to find the wordpress_export_1.xml file in the unzipped package you downloaded from Posterous.
  8. WordPress will ask you which Posterous users will be given author powers on the new blog.  Make those choices and click Submit.
  9. You’ll get an email when the import is complete.

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Blyth education, a Canadian high school, announced that they will replace textbooks with Sony Readers. When U.S. schools tried to do this with the Kindle Reader, they were hit with accessibility lawsuits. Be interesting to see how it goes with the Sony Reader.

The Medium is No Longer the Message–You Are is an article at TechCrunch by the co-founder of The article itself is interesting, but the real significance behind it is what is happening to advertising at You should check out what this company is doing. Advertising will never be the same.

Post and Read via Twitter API combines Twitter with WordPress. The Twitter app Tweetie will be the first app to provide you with the ability tweet directly to your WordPress blog. This article puts me in mind of Posterous: My New Social Media Addition. Posterous offers a life streaming mashup of everything you post from everywhere. In some situations I can see a lot of value in these efforts to combine social media into one big bundle of youness, but I also think there are times when streams of information are best kept separate. What do you think?