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I read so many HTM5 posts, I decided to use to curate a site called HTML5 News.

You can subscribe to HTML5 News by RSS. If you don’t want to subscribe, I’ve put a link to it in the sidebar here on Web Teacher. You can find it there if you want to take an occasional look.

I’m open to new sources of news if I’ve missed any good ones. You can suggest sources on the HTML5 News site.

We need to face the fact that I’m now officially a fan of apps that allow me to organize and curate topics in which I have an interest. I use Flickr to collect photos of women in tech, I use to collect tweets from women in web education, and now Are any one of these tools better than the other?  No, they all have a purpose.

I’m loving

A while back I put together a Twitter list of the women in web education. Right now there are 45 women on the list. Here’s my original post explaining the list: Where are the Women in Web Education? When I started the list, I wasn’t thinking about, I was thinking about finding a group of women who could speak about web education at conferences.

Once I had the list, I quickly realized that I could aggregate the tweets from the list using I created the Women in Web Education Daily, described in this post.

Now, publishes a daily compilation of stories, blog posts, event announcements, coding news, videos, photos, and technology information from the tweeters on the list. Take a look.

Here’s what I’m loving about

  • The quality of information that the women on the list post to Twitter is reliably interesting and worthy of my attention in terms of my main interests. Great list = great daily paper.
  • There’s a menu of topics so you can jump to the full day’s news on specific areas. You can also subscribe.
    the menu
  • There’s an archive of past issues.
  • There’s a constantly refreshing Twitter feed.
  • I don’t have to watch Twitter all day to see what’s going on in my area of interest. I can catch up once a day.
  • It’s intelligently and attractively laid out so it’s easy to read and navigate. There are ads, but they aren’t annoying.

I’m impressed with because I have a great list that produces great content for the daily read. I think it’s a brilliant idea. It takes something as unmanageable and unfiltered as Twitter and concentrates it into something both manageable and filtered. It’s the most useful thing I’ve discovered in a long time. I’m loving it.