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In case you haven’t already picked this bookmarklet up from Zeldman’s blog, here’s Soma FontFriend. “This is a bookmarklet made for web designers who want to rapidly check how different fonts and font styles look on their screen without editing code and refreshing pages.”

Keeping an aging population online looks at accessible forms.

It seems problem for society is that an aging population means the cost of ensuring the well-being of the elderly population goes up, but if those aging individuals are able to maintain their independence for longer, say, by leveraging the Internet, those costs could be alleviated.

When you think about it like that, the importance of web accessibility for the elderly begins to sound quite urgent.

Are you rushing to see Avatar? The theater in my town was crammed with people this weekend. Michael Arrington said, “Movies will never be the same after Avatar. Like the iPhone in the mobile world, this movie disrupts an entire industry.” What do you think?