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I was impressed by this headline, People Want Female Warrior Gaming Miniatures So Much That They Funded This Kickstarter Campaign In 30 Seconds. After I read the amazing story I went to the actual Kickstarter page for Raging Heroes to see what the total raised was. Then I was really amazed. Game makers, if you think there’s no support for women in gaming, you’re either in denial or throwing away a ton of profit.

Understanding 3D Transforms is from Opera Dev.

Do you have a Yahoo email address? I do. I have it set to forward to my regular email, however, so I almost never sign in to Yahoo to look at it. If you haven’t signed in to your Yahoo email within the last 12 months, you will lose your account. Log In to Your Yahoo! Mail Address or Lose it On July 15th. When signing in to Yahoo to let Yahoo know I want to maintain that account, I noticed they are using two-step verification now.