Useful Links: Webcraft, Mint in classrooms, Useful vs. Delicious

Mozilla’s School of Webcraft is taking names and keeping lists in anticipation of the opening of registration for the new classes on Jan. 8 2011. Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. is taking a personal finance class into middle schools, according to TechCrunch. I know this isn’t the first time commercial concerns have developer curriculum materials, but this one caught my eye because Mint has lived its entire existence online.

Useful vs. Delicious. The Useful Links feature of this blog is my own personal Delicious bookmarking method. I know I’ve written about using Tumblr to store bookmarks, but the things I save there are things I don’t think I’ll use more than once. When I mention something here in the Useful Links, it is a link I think I may need myself at some point. I tend to remember what I’ve talked about in the Useful Links, too, and can come to the blog and search for it when I want  it. Maybe cataloging Useful Links is only helpful to me, but I hope readers find them useful too.

Useful Links: eLearning in Haiti, Twitsper, Dijit

University of the People is moving into Haiti and it’s a big hit. Story from ReadWriteWeb.

Twitsper is an android app that allows you to tweet only to a Twitter list.  I expect it to be popular–it’s definitely useful–and make its way to other app stores as well. Or maybe into Twitter itself as the developers are hoping.

Dijit is a library of widgets that can be used with HTML5 elements to make them more accessible in assistive technology devices.