The UI Improvement that Wasn’t

An iPhone 6. Image from
An iPhone 6. The lock button is directly opposite the volume buttons. Image from

I recently got an iPhone 6. As I’m sure you know, it’s bigger than the previous version of the iPhone. I assume that is the reason why Apple moved the power/lock button from the top to the right side. Makes it easier to reach with your thumb.

Since I frequently want to darken and lock my iPhone before putting it in my pocket or purse, this button is a big deal for me. But with it directly opposite the volume buttons as it is now, I have a hard time using it. I can’t comfortable hold the phone in one hand and click the lock button without clicking one of the volume buttons at the same time.

When I click both the lock button and a volume button at the same time, the volume changes. The phone does not lock.

I have to grab the phone with two hands so I can get my thumb on the lock button without also holding a volume button.

I’m sure Apple thought they were doing us a big favor moving that button, but for me, it created an annoying problem.

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