HTML5 Video in Dreamweaver CC

I saw a nice post at Overdigital called HTML5 Video Guide – All You Need to Know for 2014. It contains information about current codecs, streaming, mobiles and more.

As I was reading it, I realized I hadn’t looked at Dreamweaver CC to see how it handled the video element. Dreamweaver 5.5, which is what I had before CC, had no help at all with HTML5 video element insertion. You could do it in Code View, of course, but no WYSIWYG help.

But many things in Dreamweaver have changed in CC. I took a look.

There’s now an HTML5 Video command in the Insert menu. Once you have a placeholder for the video element on the document page, the Properties Panel gives you all the options you need to manage your video in Document View.

Dreamweaver property panel for video element
Dreamweaver property panel for video element

The Properties panel includes places to add alt sources in different codecs, specify the poster image, the Flash fallback file, fallback text and more.

I’m happy to see that Adobe has given Dreamweaver users such an easy tool for using HTML5 video. This can only help with the adoption of the video element across many sites.

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