Announcement: Blog Changes

I’m changing my blogging schedule here at Web Teacher. Instead of posting every weekday, I’m only going to post once or twice a week when I have a substantive post on a relevant topic.

I’ve been at this blog for 12 years, I’m ready to step back a bit.

There will be no more Useful Link posts. I’m leaving that whole area in good hands with Deborah Edwards-Onoro who posts a wonderful weekly roundup of web development and design resources on her blog. I suggest you subscribe to her blog, or follow her on Twitter at @redcrew.

The resources available in The Women in Web Education Daily and HTML5 News will still be coming your way with daily updates on topics of interest to web designers, web developers, and web educators.

I’ll still be happy to run guest posts if they fit in with the content here at Web Teacher.

My goal with this change is to concentrate on more helpful tips and tutorials and step back a bit from all the curation and listing of helpful material elsewhere.

Thanks for being a reader, and I hope you’ll enjoy the new focus on fewer posts with more instructive content here at Web Teacher.

One thought on “Announcement: Blog Changes”

  1. Hi Virginia,

    Looking forward to your tips and tutorials. I appreciate all the tutorials you’ve shared over the years. So kind of you to point your readers to my weekly resources post. I hope your readers find the information helpful for their projects.

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