Review: CSS Fonts

CSS Fonts by Eric A. Meyer is from O’Reilly Media (2013). It’s a small book. It’s only about fonts. All about fonts. Everything about fonts. Exhaustively about fonts. If you want to learn things you didn’t even know were possible to do to fonts with CSS, this is the book for you.

The book has sections on font families, @font-face, font weights, font size, font style, font stretching, font kerning, font variants, font features (the font features section was all news to me), font synthesis (another new idea for me), the font property, and font matching.

I read an iBooks version which came in at 120 pages, but the Amazon listing for the paperback lists it at 68 pages. That sounds like not many pages for a tech book, but every possible detail about using and controlling fonts with CSS is in this book. There are many code examples and many screen captures of what the code does in the browser.

Summary: Absolutely everything about fonts.

A review by Virginia DeBolt of CSS Fonts (rating: 5 stars)

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