Useful links: Zoom, Open Glass, Fluid Grids, MOOC Credits

Browser zoom great for accessibility is from AlastairC and talks about the accessibility difference in normal browser zoom and text only zoom. This is really interesting and can affect your results when zooming to 200% to test your WCAG compliance.

Open Glass Project Demos how Useful Glass Can be if You’re Visually Impaired. Fascinating and creative project.

Tom Green has a series of tutorials fluid grids on Dreamweaver 6 at WebDesign Tuts+, including the first in the series: Fluid Grids. He has downloadable files. And his video doesn’t blur out frequently the way the one I showed you from Adobe/ did the other day. Thanks, Tom, for letting me know about these terrific tutorials.

A Universities offer of credit for a MOOC gets no takers. The article has ideas about why.

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