Useful links: Copyright, new apps, RSS readers

Cory Doctorow, writing at Boing Boing, talks about an important copyright case in Supreme Court to Wiley publishers: your insane theory of copyright is wrong.

I get so many PR pitches for apps that I mostly just ignore them all. I seldom mention any of them.  But a couple of new ones somehow managed to catch my eye. EQuala plays songs your friends listen to. They call it social radio. Dubbler is used to create voice messages instead of text messages. The voice message can include a photo and be sent to Twitter and Facebook.

Have you been trying out alternatives to Google Reader? I’ve been using both Netvibes and Feedly in an effort to figure out which one I like better. So far I’m not crazy about either one – neither have the ease of use Google Reader did, and neither make it easy to find what you want quickly. I’m sort of leaning toward Feedly as my final choice, but everything is still in the running.

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