Have you heard about these apps?

The other day I attended a breakfast meeting of Women in Technology (it’s a focus group under the umbrella of the NM Technology Council). We talked about apps. I was one of the speakers, talking about the app Swipp. My thoughts on Swipp can be found on BlogHer.

Here are my very rough notes on what the other apps were.

Scan biz cards: reads cards and lets you correct before you add to address book. Then can send an email intro with contact info and photo and invite to connect on LinkedIn.  Can also load into Salesforce. A lite version and a paid version.

Sales force: connects to all devices and outlook calendar. Lets you share information about your companies so that anyone can come in and support an account. Can enter tasks, appointments, notes. Contacts are searchable. Easy user interface. A paid app. Amount may depend on level of usage.

Evernote: take notes, clip articles, web pages, take pictures, share notebooks. Can set up notebooks for various projects. Includes Skitch, which makes annotating images easy. Searchable for all content including images and handwritten notes. Can share with others in your company. All cloud based. Both free and paid version. Lots of storage in free version. {Evernote trunk lets you add tools and capabilities. Lets you use Evernote tools from within other tools. } Can make todos.

RH Technology: good for job hunters. Enter your expertise and zip code. Can find jobs and email them to yourself. Free. Can calculate salary.  Lets you read articles about job hunting and advancement. Roberts Half.

Slide shark: can show slides you upload to slide shark.  Control the slides from iPhone. Free cloud based. Keep animations even when outside PowerPoint. Can see what’s coming next on iPhone. Has a build in “laser” pointer based on touch.

Lino:  like a giant bulletin board with lots of sticky notes that can be manipulated by all participants. Good for collaboration. Shared. Free.

Zip list: online grocery shopping lists. Can get list of ingredients for shopping. Calculates calories and weight watcher points. Book marklet lets you add recipes while surfing.  Send shopping list to your iPhone. While shopping can compare prices based on zip code. Tracks if you have coupons.

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