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You have until Jan. 29 to get in on the fun at Simplequiz #7: Pinterest. How should a pin be marked up in HTML5?

Any Eureka fans out there? Check out this article: Siri Jokes Aside, Voice Control will Make Computing Better.

As Obama heads back to office, a battle rages over the tech that got him reelected. This is potentially a very important question regarding building on open source. The tech community should be discussing this issue everywhere.

At issue is the code created during the Obama for America (OFA) 2012 campaign: the digital architecture behind the campaign’s website, its system for collecting donations, its email operation, and its mobile app. When the campaign ended, these programmers wanted to put their work back into the coding community for other developers to study and improve upon. Politicians in the Democratic party felt otherwise, arguing that sharing the tech would give away a key advantage to the Republicans.

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