Some Personal News about Web Standards Sherpa

web standards sherpa I’m joining the Web Standards Sherpa team as Community Manager. I’ll be doing some behind the scenes work with their various activities, and will be in a more public role working with social media.

I might be the author of some of the tweets coming from @StandardsSherpa or I might be posting or commenting on the Sherpa Facebook page. Not much is happening on the Google+ page, but I’m planning to make it an active resource, too.

I’m happy to be a contributing member to this group of web standards evangelists and hope you’ll keep track of the groups’ activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Web Standards Sherpa defines itself:

We provide seasoned & aspiring web professionals the opportunity to receive feedback, glean advice, and learn best practices from industry experts.

That means you can go to Twitter or Facebook and ask a question. On the web site, you can request a site review. If your question or request is accepted by the Web Standards Sherpas, one of their experts will provide an answer or review your site.

In addition, expert articles about general web standards topics are published on the web site.

Web Standards Rock!

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