At quick look at CheckThis: UPDATED

In the universe of single purpose pages, there’s a new site called that gives you a series of choices to check off and you end up with a web page which you can send people. The very simple tool allows you to either “tell, sell, ask, or invite.”

Here are some examples of what can be done with the tool:

check this

How is this different from Facebook events or Tumblr or Craigslist or PayPal or eVite? Well, you end up with a unique URL that isn’t part of Facebook or some other site. ¬†As you can see from the examples, if you’re good with images, you can tell a good story or make a point in one page. You might find useful at some point.

UPDATE: Since posting this, a friend told me about Mozilla Thimble. If checkthis caught your eye, you may like Mozilla Thimble, too.

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