Useful links: Polyfilitis, Erections, Privacy

Stop solving problems you don’t have is about not starting an HTML5 project with all sorts of polyfils built into your basic template that may never be needed or used. I’m calling it Polyfilitis.

Dear Technology World – Please Stop Trying to Give Me an Erection is by Terence Eden. Terence Eden is my new favorite person. Three cheers to Terence Eden!

The Philosopher Whose Fingerprints Are All Over the FTC’s New Approach to Privacy is at the Atlantic and is something everyone should read. Here’s a quote:

. . . it’s important to understand how what she’s saying is different from other privacy theorists. The standard explanation for privacy freakouts is that people get upset because they’ve “lost control” of data about themselves or there is simply too much data available. Nissenbaum argues that the real problem “is the inapproproriateness of the flow of information due to the mediation of technology.” In her scheme, there are senders and receivers of messages, who communicate different types of information with very specific expectations of how it will be used. Privacy violations occur not when too much data accumulates or people can’t direct it, but when one of the receivers or transmission principles change. The key academic term is “context-relative informational norms.” Bust a norm and people get upset.

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