Flickr, Picnik, and potential replacements

If you are a Flickr user you know that the online image editor Picnik that was integrated with Flickr is going away. What’s a photographer to do when all they want is a quick crop or to rotate a photo while looking at Flickr?

If you are a Google + user, you’ve probably noticed that the Picnik technology has moved into Google + and can be used to edit photos there. That’s nice, as long as you’re a Google + user.

There are alternatives to Picnik.

FotoFlexer will work with photos from Flickr (and Picasa and Facebook and other places) and will do pretty much what Picnik does.

PicMonkey was built by some of the folks who worked on Picnik, and does much of the same type of image editing. The hang-up right now is that it only works on photos you have stored on your hard drive. Not that having a free online tool to edit photos isn’t fabulous, but it needs to allow you to choose photos from online storage places and then save the changed image back to its original location.

Are you aware of others that make sense as replacements for Picnik?

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