A few useful links I gathered at SXSWi

Anna finds nonprofit projects to support for Groupon

Did you know Groupon works with nonprofits to help them fund projects? I did not. I met @annaholombe, who is in charge of such programs at Groupon.

Jeremy Keith

I talked a bit with Jeremy Keith, who gave out cards promoting his talk at SXSW rather than promoting his own site or blog. Interesting idea, that.

young blogger and her dad

I chatted with a very young woman who has a blog at bleucloud.com. She was there with her dad in tow and had her nose buried in her iPad just like all the adults around her. She’s from North Dakota and is definitely someone to watch as she blogs her way into adulthood.

Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons gave a great session and says the best place to find her is 5by5.tv/webahead, where she does a weekly podcast about the future of the web.

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