Useful links: Zoom bug, CSS1K, iTunesU App

Zooming Bug in Webkit at AlastairC is must reading.

CSS1K. This is great stuff. It’s like CSS Zen Garden grew up and became super efficient (meaning under 1K) while still being very cool.

New iTunes U App Hits iTunes With Over 500,000 Free Lectures, Videos & Books. This is important news to web educators and anyone interested in teaching and learning. It’s only for iOS5+. Here are the basics, from Mashable.

Apple has launched a new, dedicated iOS application called “iTunes U.” This educational content portal, previously available only in iTunes, has now arrived in the App Store for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. It has also undergone a major revamp so as to better complement Apple’s newly-announced educational offerings, including iBooks 2 and its iBooks Author Tool, which allows anyone to easily create books and textbooks.

The Terms and Conditions are important reading, because you need to know what rights and how much money you are giving to Apple when you do this. If the Terms and Conditions don’t scare you off, you’ll find that creating a book with iBooks Author is extra easy. Much easier than creating a book for the Kindle.

And, of course, you shouldn’t overlook the possibility of using the open standard EPUB to create your books.

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