Useful Links: Flipped Classroom, Digital Talent, #mencallmethings, Treehouse, gamification

Progress report on my flipped classroom. Here’s what Suze is taking about:

The flipped classroom turns this model on its head; lecture materials are provided via video and other multimedia, and assigned as homework. Students complete the video lessons on their own time, at their own pace. Then, classroom time is devoted to assignments and projects, and applying the concepts learned in an open, creative environment. The teacher’s role is flipped as well, from instructor and lecturer to facilitator and coach.

What do you think about this article? Why Digital Talent Doesn’t Want to Work At Your Company from Fast Company.

Speaking out about harassment made its way to Twitter as Geek Feminism reports. Here’s the Twitter tag: #mencallmethings

Think Vitamin launched a new learning site called Treehouse. Videos, quizzes, badges and more.

The gamification of everyday life. Good explanation of the issues with an excellent resources list at the end.

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