Guest post: Ten Ways to Generate Better Site Content

Content Management is a relatively new term in the web world. It’s a concept that has taken on particular importance as the marketing paradigm continues to transition to the digital world.

Before, your website was a static entity, a virtual sign post pointing to your brick and mortar business. Today, your website should be considered your virtual office. Your customers should be able to find out everything they want to know about you from your website, including a deep inference about why it is you are doing what you do. What makes you good at it? Why should they trust you? These concepts and more are conveyed by the content on your website.

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Your website content says things about you and your business.

Are you attentive to your customers?
Do you participate in community conversations?
Do you enjoy what you do?
What do your customers think about you?

All of these questions are answered by content on your site, and if you’re not putting thought and energy towards continually growing this information, customers will notice. When customers notice, search engines notice. Your website content should tell potential customers, either directly or indirectly, why they should work with you instead of the other guy.

Here are 10 tips for generating useful content for your website:

1. Prioritize Writing

Make writing a priority for you and your staff. You hired them because they are good at what they do. Expect them to deliver solid content that backs that up. If you do, you’ll benefit from their experience and help develop their talents even further.

2. Don’t Pass the Buck

Make the website somebody’s responsibility. If it’s not somebody’s job, it won’t get done. The buck will be passed until the buck stops coming back to you – okay cheesy metaphor – but you get the picture: without assigning ownership, good things get dropped.

3. Focus on Your Passion

Write about what you like. You’re in your field for a reason. You have a passion for what you do. Share it.

4. Frequency Trumps Overanalysis

Make small but frequent posts. Short and interesting is more valuable than long and dry. In addition, the search engines like it when they see more frequent posts while maintaining good quality.

5. Task Out Writing

Don’t take on all the writing by yourself. It can be tough to create solid, shareable blog posts and content. Instead, share the load. Give others an opportunity to flex their voice by offering guest spots in your news feed.

content is king

6. News Rules the Feeds

Write about things that are happening right now. Are you having a work related event? Share it with the web. Take pictures when you do things. Post about the story behind the picture. It makes for a much more interesting website or blog.

7. Get Social

At one time, one-way communication worked for businesses. Those days are gone. It’s time to integrate with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let your audience engage with you and you’ll earn back dividends of trust…and business.

8. Link Your Stories

Link associated stories together on your site. They don’t call it the ‘web’ for kicks. Integrating an internal linking strategy into your content generation plan brings your site together as a whole. It also helps with search engine rankings.

9. Share Your Sources

Though a professional journalist may keep their sources secret, you don’t have to. Share the industry-related sources that you find interesting or insightful about your field. If you find it interesting, others will too.

10. Publish Case Studies

If you’re good at what you do, no doubt some of your customers can vouch for you. Share those success stories. Writing about specific cases benefits both the vendor and the client. It makes for great marketing material too.

All of these items can take you to greater content management heights. The search engines will love you, your audience will appreciate it, and your business will grow. Better content management helps everyone!

About the author: Kimberly Clark is a senior web designer at VIA Studio. You can read more helpful tips at the VIA Studio Blog.

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