Useful links: Image Styles, HTML5 book, web standards

CSS3 Image Styles is a terrific tutorial explaining how to use CSS3 and background images to do some very cool things.

You can now read HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith online. This is an excellent book, go read it. The site is built in HTML5. Look under the covers.

I’d like to examine this infographic of the history of web standards. I can’t zoom it large enough to read. That’s my problem with most infographics. Got any good ideas about how to make it readable?

2 thoughts on “Useful links: Image Styles, HTML5 book, web standards”

    1. I was using the browser’s zoom tool, and just couldn’t get it big enough. Clicking worked like magic. Don’t know why I didn’t think of such a simple thing myself, but I certainly thank you for sharing. Now I can read it!

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