A little test to see what drives Flickr views

I took some photos at an Eliza Gilkyson concert the other day. I put a few of them up on Flickr. Here’s one:

Eliza Gilkyson

Then I did a little test to see what social networking tool would bring more views into my Flickr account. I sent one photo to Twitter, posted a different one on Facebook, and a still different one on Google+.

Only the one posted on Twitter brought in many views to Flickr. But, of course, the ones on Facebook and Google+ were full size on those sites and there was no need to click through to Flickr to see it.

Something I’ve noticed before when sending photos to Twitter, there’s no exploring in my photostream. People look at the one photo and leave. There are thumbnail photos in a column on the right of similar stuff. Even on an iPhone, you can see additional photos besides the one you’ve clicked to see. If people are interested enough in Eliza Gilkyson to click through from Twitter, why aren’t they curious about other photos in the same photostream that are obviously related? If they look at photo on Facebook or Google+ that says, “took a bunch of photos at a concert – here’s one,” is there no incentive to see more?

This little test doesn’t prove much. I sound a little like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I’m just wondering. I’m not spending any time trying to get traffic to my Flickr photos; that is not one of my goals at all.

But . . . what if I were trying to get some recognition as a photographer? Is sharing on social media the best way to do that? What is the strategy used by photographers who want a following?

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