Useful links, Pseudo Elements, h1 in HTML5, Being Geeky, social media

A whole bunch of Amazing Stuff Pseudo Elements can Do is from CSS Tricks.

On using h1 for all heading levels in HTML5 from 446 Berea Street. This worries me, too. Happy to see Roger doing some testing on it.

Is There Still a Social Stigma for Geek Girls? What do you think?

The GOP presidential contenders had a debate last night. Mashable talks Twitter stats about it. As the election season heats up, it’s going to be interesting to watch how and what both parties try to do with the Internet and social media to help advance their causes. If Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber can be brilliant with social media, then maybe the politicos can figure it out too. I know you’re sick of hearing about Anthony Weiner, but this post about his Twitter habits at Wired Pen is pretty interesting.

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