Big Personal Announcement

blogherBlogHer is changing the way they curate, promote, and celebrate women bloggers. Part of that change is to hire Section Editors who will be in charge of finding and promoting the best of the female blogosphere (and some of the male blogosphere, too).

I’m the new Section Editor for Tech at BlogHer. This is an upgrade from my former status as an occasional Contributing Editor in the technology area. It means that I’m going to be the person in charge of finding great posts about technology. The posts will either be featured with a link, syndicated (for money!)  as articles from technology blogs by women, or promoted as tech posts that appear on BlogHer through the normal blogging system they have in place. I’ll be looking for good tech videos to feature, for interesting women in tech to write about, and for interesting people and ideas from all sorts of tech topics.

I’d like to hear from the women tech bloggers. Tell me about your blog and pitch me about posts you’d like to see featured or posts you think are worthy of syndication on BlogHer. You’ll be able to contact me through my BlogHer Profile.

I’m not interested in product pitches, PR people. If a blogger has written a review of a product, that might interest me, especially if it’s something hot that a lot of people are talking about – for example a new game or app.

Just so you know, these are the blogs I’m already subscribed to. If you’re a woman with a tech blog that I don’t know about, please contact me through my BlogHer Profile or at

  • .51 – Geekspace for Women
  • A Blog Not Limited
  • A Tech Geek Mom’s Nerd Paradise
  • Aliza Sherman: She Knows Social
  • ATMac
  • Backup Brain
  • Blogging Basics 101
  • But You’re A Girl
  • carrie actually
  • Cindy’s Take on Tech
  • CompSci Woman
  • Cool Mom Tech
  • danah boyd | apophenia
  • Digital Diva
  • Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt
  • Geek Feminism Blog
  • GeekMom
  • GeekSugar
  • ginger’s thoughts
  • Jolie O’Dell
  • Mac Tips
  • Momathon Blog
  • momswithapps
  • Ms. Beane’s Brain
  • PHP-Princess
  • PINGV Creative Blog
  • rare pattern
  • RoniNoone
  • Scenario Girl
  • SheGeeks
  • Sims 3 Gamer
  • Social Media Design
  • Standardista
  • Stubbornella
  • The Background Fairy
  • The Female Perspective of Computer Science
  • The Hacker Chick Blog
  • The Mary Sue
  • Tiffany B. Brown
  • Veronica Belmont

This just started, and I’m not really into swing of it yet, but I will be soon. I’m trusting that I can take this on and still keep up something of value here as well. Crossing my fingers.

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