Accessibility in 6 hours

Next week I’m teaching a 6 hour continuing ed class in Principles of Accessible Web Design. I have no book to guide me, but I really didn’t need one. The Accessibility course in the WaSP InterACT Curriculum gave me all the ideas I need.

I thought I’d post a list of the topics I think I can squeeze into those 6 hours. Some of them won’t be covered in great depth, but here’s what I hope to talk about.

  • Accessibility is About People
  • Defining Accessibility
  • Accessible Images
  • Accessible Tables
  • Accessible Navigation
  • Accessible Color Choices
  • Accessible Forms
  • Accessible Multimedia
  • Accessibility Testing

Oh, jeepers. Looking at that list and thinking about trying to explain all that is 6 hours is pretty daunting. And, what am I leaving out?

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