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In the if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em category,  Adobe announces the HTML5 Video Player widget with this message: “Adobe has released an easy-to-use, totally CSS-customizable solution that shifts gracefully from the HTML5 <video> tag to the Flash Player when the tag is not supported.” The widget works with or without Dreamweaver CS5.

Introduction to OAuth is by Lorna Jane Mitchell at Think Vitamin. It seems OAuth is the reason why Twitterific suddenly stopped working on my iPhone and also explains why you can sign in to one site with information from another. Here’s a quote.

As a user, the experience of enabling accounts to use OAuth is quite seamless, and is designed to help you feel more secure about where your credentials are being stored and used. When you want to allow another application to access your data, you will be forwarded to the site that holds that data, and prompted to allow access.

This means that you never need to type your credentials for one account into the website for something else. Once you have granted access, you will be redirected back to where you were, so you can continue whatever you were doing.

Did you see this infographic for What Kind of Geek are You? It seems only guys can be geeks. Gals are invisible once again. The infographic is clever and cute. And it reinforces the prevailing social paradigm that keeps the “where are the women in technology” meme afloat from year to year.

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