Useful Links: SVG, BAM, InterACT

Doug Shepers from the W3C put together a slideshow in SVG, HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is worth your time. It’s an SVG demo. Play with it. View it in the latest Firefox.

BAM or Blog Accessibility Mastermind is a six lesson course offered by Glenda Watson Hyatt of Do It Myself Blog. I haven’t looked inside the course, but I suspect it’s a good one.

Based on the interest and number of questions Derek Featherstone got during his accessibility presentation at the recent InterACT Summit, I’d say interest from educators about accessibility is very high right now. There’s a free online course from the Web Standards Project (WaSP) InterACT curriculum about accessibility. The course is a perfect resource for teachers. It’s a stand alone course. If you are teaching with InterACT with Web Standards and its chapters on accessibility, the online material a great time saver. Online materials such as exam questions, grading matrices, assignments, objectives, and resources go hand in hand with the material in the book.

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