Useful Links: Accessibility tweeps, NFB Complaint, 3G woes

The ultimate “follow Friday” list for accessible tweeps or perhaps it would be more correct to say people who tweet about accessibility.  Oddly, the names in the list are not linked to the relevant twitter pages, making following the suggested people rather labor intensive. One Twitter name on their list is wrong. Tom Babinszki is @tbabinszki, not what their post says. Complaints aside, it’s a useful resource list for those interested in accessibility information on Twitter.

Law Schools Discriminate Against Blind Applicants: National Federation of the Blind Files Complaints Against Nine Law Schools. This action from the National Federation of the Blind may have far reaching consequences similar to what happened with the Target lawsuit.

The other day someone was asking my opinion about whether to not to buy an iPad, and if she did, whether it was worth the extra hundreds to get an iPad with 3G capability. My position was go for the 3G if you’re going to do it. I think it’s a good policy to start with the maximum capability you can get in  a new device. It you start from the lowest point, you have to upgrade almost immediately to keep the device useful for a period of years. Then yesterday, something happened to several AT&T towers in the Albuquerque area, and my phone lost service for the day. After repeated attempts to get through to AT&T from my neighbor’s land line (I don’t have a land line) I finally talked to someone at AT&T. They had me turn off the 3G capability on my iPhone and use the Edge network until the 3G problem was fixed. I was stunned by how slow service was using the Edge network. Honestly, I’d never realized what a significant difference 3G makes. Now I can speak from experience when I tell people that they should go for the 3G if they are going to spend the money  for a device of any kind. And, by the way, 3G is back in working condition  in my part of Albuquerque today.

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  1. Just to make you americans weep a little. In Sweden we have excellent 3G coverage; practically every town or built up area of 5000 inhabitants have Turbo 3G. Most others have standard 3G. 4G is being rolled out right now. (Sent from my Nokia N900 using Fennec, that has gotten incredibly good form functionality.)
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