Useful Links: Links in PDFs, CSS starter pages, Ning networks

Creating Accessible Links in PDFs from PWS gives “techniques for tagging links correctly to ensure that they are both keyboard operable and usable with a screen reader. It also looks at, amongst other things, how to make URLs more intelligible for screen reader users.”

Dreamweaver CS5 Features Part 1: The All New CSS Starter Pages at Community MX explains what Adobe has done with CS5 starter pages. Some good changes are described with more explanation to come. One thing I’ve wondered about the new Dreamweaver is whether or not there will be an option to use an HTML5 doctype. I’m watching the reports on CS5 for that tidbit of information.

In a move that may affect many educators, Ning has announced that there will be no more free social networking sites from them. Sites that currently exist must pay up or will be removed. Here are some news reports from The Inquisitr and PC World. I personally think this is a radical move that will be greeted with an angry backlash. ReadWriteWeb has a list of alternatives for current Ning sites that educators should check. At BlogHer, you’ll find even more suggestions for replacements for Ning.

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