Useful links: Flash vs. HTML 5, Creative Suite 5, Women in Tech on Flickr

With typical hyperbole, the news of late has been filled with headlines like “Flash is dying” and “Apple kills Adobe Flash.” Well, here’s a headline that shows that Adobe hasn’t been asleep at the wheel in quite the manner all the iPad prognosticators thought: Flash CS5 with export to HTML5 Canvas.

While we’re talking about Adobe and CS5, today is the big day to reveal all the hot new features in CS5. Start here at the Adobe blog and at the product descriptions to find more about what the latest Creative Suite promises to do. People have been talking about some of the new features in Photoshop for a while already, but I’m more interested in seeing what’s happening with Dreamweaver.

The Women in Tech pool I started on Flickr is growing. If you have some photos of women in tech you’d like to share, please add them to the group.

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