Useful Links: use :focus, some new product, ad culture

Whenever you use :hover, also use :focus from 456 Berea Street explains why this is an accessibility issue.

Apple came out with some new product this week. Maybe you heard about it. I think it made the news. Okay—seriously, amid all the posturings and opinions about why the iPad was a great thing or a terrible thing, came this post from Daring Fireball: The Kids are All Right. This one appeals to me as an educator who thinks that all change is a trade off, and all trade offs are an opportunity for learning.

Which came first, the ads or the cultural change? at In Women We Trust shows some real ads from about 50 years ago. Work with me here: Mentally make those images reflect the present, and make those women the women in tech, where the images are still pretty much true to the current culture. Is this the way men should be remembered for their leadership in the tech community?

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