Useful Links: iPad rumors, Mini-Bang, Facebook Fan Pages, POUR websites

From the don’t you love to speculate about the iPad rumors (or iPad competition) department, here’s news about Qualcomm’s Multi-Fold Device and about the future of the iSlate and Magic Slate names, and a story speculating about Verizon which would affect both the iPhone and the iPad.

At CERN, scientists managed to create mini-versions of the big bang with the Hadron Large Collider. See a summary and some video.  That’s more physics news that Internet tech news, but still interesting.

I collected a bunch of resources for creating a Facebook Fan Page and posted it on BlogHer. If you’re thinking your college or business or website needs a Facebook fan page, here’s a helpful collection of resources.

Constructing a POUR website at WebAIM refers to Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. I think I linked earlier to Glenda Watson Hyatt’s free ebook called How POUR is Your Blog, which is a PDF document. The WebAIM info is in HTML.

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